Our Beach Bar

Our Beach Bar


 To say that Mowie’s was created out of hard work, passion for food and love for people, would still be an understatement. Founded in June 2014, it is a testament to what can be achieved through healthy fusion cuisine. Delivering food we all love in a conscious and eco way is what we love to do and the wholemeal-rye base for our pizzetta or charcoal bamboo bread are just some of the examples of how we try to deliver the goodness on your plate.
We truly care about the quality of ingredients and the source of food so we we make the best effort to work with local businesses and suppliers, both in Bali and Lombok to create a home away from home vibe, where both body and soul can be nourished. From delicious home-made tuna burger, through extremely tasty egg benedict to raw vegan cakes and salads, we truly hope everyone can find something yammi for themselves.

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