Freedive Flow on Gili Air is one of the first freedive centers worldwide to offer all levels of the PADI Freediver Program: From beginner level all the way up to PADI instructor development.

Freediving has become the fastest expanding water sport. It is no surprise that PADI has launched the PADI Freediver program, with the aim of delivering high quality teaching as they have done for the past 50 years in the scuba diving industry.

The PADI Freediver program caters for all skill levels. You can start your open water experience from the age of 15 with the PADI Freediver course. From there you can make your way to the PADI Advanced Freediver course and then continue your training with the PADI Master Freediver course

Tailored Master Freediver Program allows you then to become the best freediver you can be.

During confined water sessions, open water sessions and knowledge development (which is conducted via the PADI Freediver Touch App), you will learn how to be a safe Freediver and a competent buddy who is completely reliable in basic rescue scenarios.

Please do not hesitate to contact  if you have any further questions about the PADI Freediver Course Program.


After basic knowledge development, this course provides basics in the pool before taking students to open water. The target depth after two days is 10-16 metres / 30-55 feet. The course also entails freedive buddying skills and practice in basic rescue scenarios.

Content: PADI Freediver Touch (online learning platform), 1 Theory Introduction, 2 Pool Sessions, 2 Open Water Sessions, Certification

Duration: 2 days


This course builds on the skills learned in the previous course and deepens the understanding of freediving and takes students to greater depths (16-24 metres / 55-80 feet in open water) and longer distances in the pool.

Content: 1 Theory Session, 2 Pool Sessions, 2 Open Water Sessions, Certification

Duration: 2 days


In the master course, freedivers learn to improve their performance in all disciplines (STA, DYN, FIM, CWT) and improve their safety skills and knowledge accordingly.

At Freedive Flow on Gili Air we provide this course mainly as a 4-week Master Program. This intense training is especially recommended for freedivers who want to go all the way and sign up for the PADI Freediver Instructor Training.

Content: 2 Pool Sessions, 5 Open Water Sessions, unlimited pool training, Certification

Duration: min. 5 days


Freediver_touch2-344x193As a freediver certified through another training organization, you can enroll in the next higher level in the PADI Freediver system after a skills and knowledge assessment by one of our PADI Freediver Instructors. This includes the final exam of your previous level plus an assessment of relevant skills in pool and open water. The level you can enroll onto depends on your underlying certification. Check with us directly and send us an email to confirm your appropriate level.

PADI Free Diver Distinctive Specialty Divers, can continue their freediving education by enrolling in the PADI Advanced Freediver course.

Note: When enrolling in your first PADI Freediver Course (Advanced or Master) you will have to buy the PADI Freediver Touch, the famous online learning platform (AUD25). The PADI Touch is already included in the PADI Freediver Course.


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